Workmanship and Service.

Simply put, we’re here to save you time, money, and stress, all while providing premium-quality workmanship and service. That’s the mark of a job well done.

Our primary goal is to prevent any surprises. When you’re building a new home or cottage, there’s nothing better than a smooth, easy process. That’s the experience we always aim to create. We’ve carefully honed this process over the years, finding new ways to save you time and money without sacrificing quality.

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Design Process

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How We Save You Money

  • Permit drawings and any design changes are included in your quote
  • Custom design and build of wall components ensures seamless installation
  • Product delivery cost is included* (*Some conditions apply)
  • Site construction is faster, cutting down on labour costs
  • Chances of weather delays are reduced
  • Financing costs are minimized because of the shorter construction period
  • Our quotes are price protected with no cost overruns
  • Less waste means less cost

How We Save You Time

  • Preliminary design, permit drawings, and engineering take place at one location
  • Exterior finishes are also chosen at one location
  • Beginning with a full permit package means less chance of permit delays
  • You can schedule deliveries from us
  • We guarantee that the materials will be on-site when the builder needs them
  • Construction is faster due to detailed blueprints and prefabricated wall components
We make the building process

Time Saving & Cost-Effective

We make the entire building process time and cost effective while maintaining a high standard of quality. That’s why Great North Homes is the best choice for creating your ideal home or cottage.

When you choose a packaged home, you’ll get the look, style, and quality of a custom home, with all the benefits of faster construction time, cost certainty, green building, and a higher-quality product.


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