What’s included

Every Great North Homes package is customizable to your desired finishes and budget.  That being said, it’s important to have a starting point!  We’ve provided a comprehensive list of specifications regularly included in each of our build packages*.  You may want to upgrade or compromise depending on your wish list or budget.  This is doable with any Great North Homes material package!

We also guarantee that the right quantity of material required to build your home or cottage will be provided.  This minimizes your risk of inaccurate quantity take-offs from a contractor or local lumber yard.

Click the links below to view our material package specifications!

Standard Material Package Specifications

Premium Material Package Specifications

Bunkie Material Package Specification (standard)

Bunkie Material Package Specification (premium)

Garage Material Package Specification (standard)

Garage Material Package Specification (premium)

*(Material Lists are subject to change.  Contract agreements will specify materials included in each contract.)