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Model Plan Ideas

Algonquin 2485 sq. ft.

Alpine 513 sq. ft.

Angler Creek 320 sq. ft.

Antler 372 sq. ft.

Archer 780 sq. ft.

Arrowhead 1250 sq. ft.

Atrium 2008 sq. ft.

Bala 681 sq. ft.

Baptiste 2121 sq. ft.


Barrett 576 sq. ft.

Bayview 1768 sq. ft.

Bonham 900 sq. ft.

Brookfield 3208 sq. ft.

Buck Ridge 1360 sq. ft.

Burrow 320 sq. ft.

Cabin 599 sq. ft.

Carlisle 1176 sq. ft.

Chalet 482 sq. ft.

Clearbrook 1733 sq. ft.

Cornerstone 1467 sq. ft.

Cove 490 sq. ft.

Craftsman 1827 sq. ft.

Deer Point 1300 sq. ft.

Eagle Rock 1324 sq. ft.

Flagstaff 1067 sq. ft.

Franklin 1400 sq. ft.

Granite Bay 2000 sq. ft.

Harbour Moon 2300 sq. ft.

Hawk Ridge 1538 sq. ft.

Hillcrest 1200 sq. ft.

Huckleberry 1920 sq. ft.

Hudson Bay 990 sq. ft.

Jasper 1743 sq. ft.

Lookout 1300 sq. ft.

Manitou 700 sq. ft.

Mapleton 2086 sq. ft.

Monterey 900 sq. ft.

Moonlight Ridge 466 sq. ft.

Muskoka 1922 sq. ft.

Northscape 2145 sq. ft.

Porchside 1432 sq. ft.

Princeton 1662 sq. ft.

Ranch 1467 sq. ft.

Red Rock 1770 sq. ft.

River Bend 1200 sq. ft.

Rock Haven 3321 sq. ft.

Rockland 3270 sq. ft.

Rose Valley 1768 sq. ft.

Royalton 1315 sq. ft.

Saratoga 2768 sq. ft.

Silver Lining 1573 sq. ft.


Silverstone 936 sq. ft.

Sparrow 1493 sq. ft.

Summit 1953 sq. ft.

Swift Creek 1240 sq. ft.

Timberland 2541 sq. ft.

Urban Oaks 1768 sq. ft.

West Wind 2156 sq. ft.

Willow Bank 2793 sq. ft.

Windermere 2747 sq. ft.

Windswept 1577 sq. ft.

Winslow 599 sq. ft.

How we

Save you time & money

Why us?
Building a cottage can be

easier, faster, and more affordable

At Great North Homes, we follow a process that makes building easier, faster, and more affordable. The main point of our process in ensuring that we fully develop and customize your design at the very beginning of the process. From there, we take the finalized design and pre-cut and assemble the necessary panels in our indoor facility.

Ready to be installed the

Minute it Arrives

When we finish these initial stages, we deliver the full exterior package to the site, including the right amount of material. It’s ready to be installed the minute it arrives! Installation is very quick, as all of the materials and plans are already laid out. That means fewer mistakes, less chance of unexpected costs, and a faster move-in date.

Our Design Process

  1. Pick a design with us, or bring in your own.
  2. Once you select a basic design, we work with you on customization.
  3. From there, we create permit drawings.
  4. Select the exterior finishes you would like.
  5. We then assemble the package components and manufacture the walls.
  6. After manufacturing, we deliver the completed package to the site.
  7. Installation is quick and easy!
We can deliver


In every circumstance, we work to protect your investment. Our production facility is climate-controlled, allowing us to keep your building materials out of the elements during the production process. Our materials and lumber are premium-grade, so you can trust the quality of the finished product. You can also trust the workmanship involved – we’ve been in the business for over 40 years, so we have experience on our side! Despite common belief, a packaged house is not a modular house.  It is simply the smarter way to build! Your dream home is within reach right now. We’ll make it easy.